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Starting Times for Medal Matches Changed
SOFIA, BULGARIA - The starting times for the medal matches on August 25 are: 10:00 for women's bronze; 12:00 for men's bronze; 14:00 for women's gold; 16:30 for men's gold. The closing ceremony will follow immediately upon conclusion of last match. The time change will give athletes an opportunity to attend a farewell party at 20:00 later that evening.

Final Scores
Final Scores (one page)

Final Competition Schedule
Competition Schedule (one page)

Revised Playoffs Schedule (as of 2012-08-24)
SOFIA, BULGARIA - The competition schedule is revised so that the top four women's teams from each group will advance to the 8-team playoff. The last place team from each group will play for 9th and 10th places.

Private Club Provides Limited Live Score Services
SOFIA, BULGARIA - A private volleyball club from Plovdiv is providing limited live score services for the men's matches only.
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Organizing Committee Conducts 2nd Draw and Publishes Training/Competition Schedule
SOFIA, BULGARIA - The original 16-team competition plan for both genders was declared null and void because the number of final team entries did not match the total number of teams drawn last September. For that reason, the Organizing Committee invoked Article 6.9 of the Technical Regulations and conducted a second draw.

USA Takes South Africa’s Slot in Women’s Volleyball
SOFIA, BULGARIA - The United States submitted Form 2 today and became the first and lone alternate team in women’s volleyball. The United States filled the slot that was vacated by South Africa last December.

Official Poster Designed
poster Designed by Kaloyan YANEV, here is the official poster of the 2012 World Deaf Volleyball Championships.

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Turkey Takes South Africa’s Slot in Men’s Volleyball
SOFIA, BULGARIA - South Africa informed the International Committee of Sports for the Deaf that its men’s and women’s volleyball teams will not participate in the world championships. Turkey, the first alternate, filled the slot that was vacated by the South African men’s volleyball team.

Drawing of Lots
SOFIA, BULGARIA - The Organizing Committee drew lots to determine the composition of groups for 16 men’s and 16 women’s teams.  The composition of groups is available here.

ICSD Volleyball Technical Director Visits Sofia for Site Inspection
Knetzger at BDSF office in Sofia 2011-09-10 at Sofia.  ICSD Volleyball Technical Director John Knetzger stands in front of the Ministry of Physical Education and Sport building on the corner of Vasil Levski and Gurko boulevards. The BDSF office is located in that building. SOFIA, BULGARIA - International Committee of Sports for the Deaf (ICSD) Volleyball Technical Director John Knetzger visited Sofia to inspect the facilities and meet with officials of the Bulgarian Deaf Sports Federation (BDSF) and Bulgarian Volleyball Federation (BVF).